I'm taking a break

Well, we had another baby, so you know, just a break from work...

But hey - you've landed in the right place...however from Oct 2021, I am closing the studio doors for a while to focus on raising our young children. I'll be back when I'm ready and when it works for our family.

This little studio will be closed for new clients and all brand and website project work until further notice. Please note: I am not shut down completely and all current clients are kindly being managed. If you are interested in working with me in the future (late 2022 and beyond), you can email me at: nat@magicfingers.co.nz

Creating beautiful brands and websites

Specialising in crafting beautiful Rocketspark websites and creative branding from scratch.

Rebuild a DIY Website  | Design & Website Services offered by Magic Fingers Graphics

Reach your ideal audience and get the results you want with a refresh web build or brand redo.

Raise the Bar | Website Audits  | Design & Website Services offered by Magic Fingers Graphics

Not sure if investing in a brand or website is right? Consult & coaching sessions available.

Not For Profit or Church Websites?

Reaching a greater audience has never been easier and just as a business has a brand to connect to an audience, a Not For Profit or church can too. Together, we can create a cohesive online experience and greet your visitors online;  just as you would at the door in person.

Some of my brand and website design clients include:


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