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Magic Fingers Graphics is a graphic and website design studio based in Cambridge, Waikato. Well-known for a beautifully simple, yet functional design style and a holistic approach to design for branding and an award-winning Silver web design partner for Rocketspark websites.


As things get a little bit crazy, I don't want YOU feeling crazy! Luckily, biz over here in Magic Fingers land is predominately online so things will continue as per normal.
I'm still open for business, and I'll be doing what I can to help you.
If you need help with Covid-19 related stuff, please send me an email outlining your needs.
Like a lot of others - I'm working at home and have a (very) small child, and things will get done as timely as possible.

If you need help during COVID-19 – whether it is to update websites / socials or something else more pressing, let me know I'm happy to help!

Got bored kids or need some calming time? Download some colouring in pages here! It doubles up as Art if you're doing schoolwork at home ;) 

Here are some ideas you can do to help your customers during COVID-19 and some ways to support some businesses I've worked with! 

Some of my clients include:

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It started in the 70's - read on for a bit of family business history!


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