Why should a Gold Rocketspark Design Partner manage my website?

If you own a Rocketspark website - you'll know how amazing it is to easily edit and run your site. But, did you know the importance of having me - a Design Partner - set it up and keep an eye on things for you? 

As a Rocketspark Design Partner I ….
• take care of your website design, layout & setup
• provide extra access to the tech support team (faster than you can!)
• am a professional, award-winning & experienced designer
• am always here to help with any questions
• am a wealth of knowledge of the system & technical features
• have on-going training and first to get access to new feature releases
• can manage your site for you (or you can do it too!)
Plus - If you have a technical query, a bug, or anything, that you can reach out to me instead of going to the technical support? I'm the middle-girl between you and Rocketspark.


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