I create tailor-made brands and websites.

I'm here to lead you on your creative experience journey - and it's all about the fit. It's not about the size of a project. I look for clients who have the same values and ethics. A desire & love for great design, and relationships built on communication and mutual respect. If you share a love for ethical practices, morally honest - it's likely we'll work well together. 

Hi! I'm Natalie White, your branding and website design expert. Magic Fingers Graphics is a family based business: My Dad, Brian Morrell, started the business over 40 years ago. That's why he called it Magic Fingers Graphics - it was like he could create magic, drawing with his hands. When he retired, I carried on the business and a reputation for really good work. 

DUE TO HIGH DEMAND: New 2021 projects are on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out if you are interested, or would like to go on the waitlist for 2022.

Work with Magic Fingers Graphics if...

ONE REASON | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You understand the importance of a great brand and website + are ready to invest.

TWO REASONS | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You want to connect with your audience and capture their attention.

THREE REASONS | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You're passionate about your business and you're ready to lift your game.

Contact Magic Fingers Graphics for design or web projects

Due to high demand, new projects for 2021 are on a case-by-case basis. You always can join the 2022 waitlist!

Good things happen when you do good stuff. If you are interested in working with me, you can email: nat@magicfingers.co.nz 

Generally, brand & web projects start around $2K+. Pop your details below, and we can chat about your custom project investment. Prices excl GST. 

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