I create tailor-made brands and websites.

I'm here to bring the design and lead you on your creative journey - and it's all about the fit. It's not about the size of a project.

I look for clients who have the same values and ethics: A love for great design;  whole-hearted; relationships built on communication and mutual respect; great morals and doing good works together - it's likely we'll work well together. 

Hi, I'm Natalie White

Your illustrative branding and website design expert, complete with a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design. I'm based in the far north, enabling businesses and organisations everywhere.

I draw inspiration from 1 Thessalonians 4:11; ‘make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands.” I'm here to use my God-given skills to create for others.

Why the name?

Magic Fingers Graphics is a family based business: My Dad, Brian Morrell, started the business over 40 years ago. He called it Magic Fingers Graphics - it was like he could create magic, drawing with his hands. When he retired, I carried on the business and grew it into a new era of digital & illustrative design.

I use the phrase 'magic' lightheartedly - a term for creating what seemed impossible from someone else's point of view.

Work with Magic Fingers Graphics if...

ONE REASON | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You understand the importance of a great brand and website + are ready to invest... and let go to let the creative happen!

TWO REASONS | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You want to tell your story through the magic of branding & illustration and be proud of a successful design outcome.

THREE REASONS | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You're a wholehearted business or organisation with a strong ethical & moral compass; ready to look good and do good.


I want to help whole-hearted people. I'm here to either create something from new or revamp what you've got and turn it around. DIY is out, 'Carte Blanche' is in. Creating from scratch to build perfection - that's what makes award winning design.

Doing good & helping others

Whole hearted means giving back too

Annual donations or volunteer work goes out to a few selected organisations. 
This year I have chosen to support a local church and a Christian Camp. 

Freshly pressed off the 'Gram

Get your 'grammable goods @magicfingersgraphics


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