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Do you want a successful, authentic brand and website for your small business?

From one small business to another - I'm committed and I'm here to craft your brand and/or website into something authentic and stunning to really capture your audience. Taking a holistic approach to design, I'll make sure that you look great and your branding and website works.

Hi! I'm Natalie White, your branding and website design expert, based in the Far North - I'm originally from Cambridge (NZ) in the mighty Waikato. Magic Fingers Graphics is a family based business: My Dad, Brian Morrell, started the business over 40 years ago in Auckland and he drew the logo by hand that's still in use today! That's why he called it Magic Fingers Graphics - it was like he could create magic, drawing with his hands. When he retired, I carried on the business and incorporated the same ethos, while bringing in new life with websites and socials.

Rocketspark website design partner | Waikato, Northland NZ

I'm your branding and website expert - let's create something authentic!

Work with Magic Fingers Graphics if...

- ONE -

You understand the importance of a great brand and website + are ready to invest.

- TWO -

You want to connect with your audience and capture their attention.


You're passionate about your business and you're ready to lift your game.

Behind the scenes

Once I graduated with a Bachelor's degree of Computer Graphic Design, I worked my way up as a Senior Designer for 10 years, before stepping out on my own venture in 2016. The time working (for a really great boss) gave me insight on how to run a design business, manage staff and work on some amazing large scale projects. 

These days, I run my design studio from our family farm up in New Zealand's winterless Northland. Designing brands and websites for small businesses to connect your audience to your business. 

Contact Magic Fingers Graphics for design or web projects

Waitlist reopens FEB 2021. 
Good things happen when you do good stuff. If you are interested in working with me, you can email: nat@magicfingers.co.nz 

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