I create tailor-made brands and websites.

I'm here to lead you on your creative experience journey - and it's all about the fit. It's not about the size of a project. I look for clients who have the same values and ethics. A desire & love for great design, and relationships built on communication and mutual respect. If you share a love for ethical practices, morally honest - it's likely we'll work well together. 

Hi! I'm Natalie White, your branding and website design expert. Magic Fingers Graphics is a family based business: My Dad, Brian Morrell, started the business over 40 years ago. That's why he called it Magic Fingers Graphics - it was like he could create magic, drawing with his hands. When he retired, I carried on the business and a reputation for good work. 


Work with Magic Fingers Graphics if...

ONE REASON | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You understand the importance of a great brand and website + are ready to invest.

TWO REASONS | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You want to connect with your audience and capture their attention.

THREE REASONS | Work with Magic Fingers Graphics

You're passionate about your business and you're ready to lift your game.

Contact Magic Fingers Graphics for design or web projects

Currently, I am not taking on new client bookings, sorry.

Good things happen when you do good stuff. If you are interested in working with me, you can email: nat@magicfingers.co.nz 

Generally, brand & web projects start around $1,950, and if you're looking to do an e-commerce site, you'll be investing upward of $4,000. Pop your details below, and we can chat about your custom project investment. Prices excl GST. 

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