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Branding, Rocketspark Website, and other items

Love Letter Express in a unique business, aiming to bridge the gap between people who want to say something lovely ... but struggle to find the words! It's an old-fashioned letter writing kind of service.

Launched during New Zealand's countrywide COVID-19 lockdown, it was an idea that had been brewing in Mel's head for some time. I had previously worked on her coaching & celebrant website, Loud & Clear, so she hired me for the magic!

Melanie is legendary when it comes to love and appreciation! She'll extract the things you want to say (but can't) and put them all together in a letter of love or thankfulness from you. A few simple questions, a few simple steps, and you'll get a letter, perfectly tailored to send or give to someone whose greatness deserves acknowledgment.

The Brand

A nod to handwritten and posted letters of what now feels like time long gone... the handwritten style text coupled with a postal serif font exudes the right kind of feel. A stamp design mimics the posted letter marks found on envelopes and parcels. The colour scheme was built on the idea to blend love and both feminine and masculine audiences without being overly 'pretty'.  

The Website

Given full creative license over the branding enabled a seamless transition to the website. Using colours and illustrated elements with careful consideration to type and layout really made this a standout e-commerce site. 

A feature video allows users to see who the person is behind the letters and a peek into what goes on behind the scenes at Love Letter Express. Use of new Rocketspark site features like parallax moveable backgrounds, full width pages, custom shop buttons direct to letter products to order, and a customised footer. This site was also awarded Rocketspark Site of the Month in June 2020 with the excellent use of design and features.

Vehicle Signage SafetyNest | by Magic Fingers Graphics

Custom illustrations

Custom illustrated brand elements build this entire brand and create a unified user experience across all marketing items - from the letterhead paper, email newsletters, social media and the website.

Social Media Content Creation

A product based service, Love Letter Express and it's well-designed graphics lends itself to an aesthetically pleasing social media account across platforms! 

I created a base range of social media images for posting on Instagram and Facebook, and created a variety of template designs that Melanie can use and adjust anytime, in Canva. To help her kickstart her new business, I offered a short term hand-holding service to help Melanie get to know the ins and outs of running social media for business.

Letterheads, Rubber Stamp, Envelopes, Business Cards & A6 Prints

Custom letterheads were designed, for three types of letters: to relative, to friends/colleagues, or to your lover. Each letterhead has a key illustration combined with a particular colourway. 

To supplement the letters, envelopes were designed and three A6 print with inspirational quotes to pop into each letter, with a business card, as a little bonus. A rubber stamp made with the logo and a bronze-terracotta shimmery ink gives the finishing touch to each letter!

Love Letter Express Sample


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