The Design Process

Are we ready to work together?

Hi! Have you had a look around and like what you see? 

If you're ready to start investing into your business with a fantastic brand and website, and more... your project will follow the design process. Here's what will happen in your project!

Let's Chat about your project with a coffee

Let's chat

We can have a conversation about your goals, your vision, any struggles or woes about your business branding or website, and I'll suggest anything I can for improvement while we're at it.

If you're local (Far North region) - let's try meet I'll shout you a drink of your choice. If you're outside my area (quite possible given my location!), then we can chat via email or on the phone, whichever works best at the time and I'll shout you a coffee voucher to your local!

Project Research and Background information | Magic Fingers Graphics

Background & Research

I'll send you a link to answer a brief (logo and web). In there, you'll be asked some goals, your current presence, target market... that sort of thing. I'll do a bit of research with all that and start your project!

Project Proposal and Strategy |  | Magic Fingers Graphics

Proposal & Strategy

You'll get a proposal outlined to your specific needs and a cost breakdown. There will be info on your brand direction and/or your website structure. Depending on your project there will be a strategy doc in there too.

The Creative Process of a design project | Magic Fingers Graphics

The Creative

Once you've approved the proposal and paid a deposit, I'll start working on your project.
Brands: a few logo design examples to choose from, and a brand board for inspiration.
Websites: the core structure and content will be put together. If you've upgraded to a content package, the copywriter will be working on the content as well.

Feedback on your project  | Magic Fingers Graphics

Your feedback

Brands: Once you have the first proof of logos/branding - I await your feedback! Good or bad, it's all constructive in getting the right result. More refinements to your brand and a second proof will be on its way.
Websites: pretty much the same but with a link to the draft site! Websites are fluid in regards to the design & build, and this process naturally works a little different to the branding.

Project stamp of approval | Magic Fingers Graphics

Your stamp of approval

Brands: After the round of feedback and second proof, there may be a repeat at this step.
When you approve the logo/brand or the website, the exciting part is here!
Brands will always get copies of the logo files, and a complete brand guide.
Websites: You will usually get a quick training email or meeting (because it is so simple to use!). 

Extra Pieces of the project | Magic Fingers Graphics

Extra pieces

Brands: After the initial logo and branding work, there may be more items - stationery, posters, signage, social media, website etc. It's always better to do these once the brand has been approved! I'll work on these and finalise them using the same creative process.
Websites: Your social media links and handle names are checked & linked correctly; finalise any SEO and analytics. 

Project Launch | Magic Fingers Graphics

Launching the project

When everything is lined up and ready to go, you've got all the collateral pieces, and your final deposit is paid... it's LAUNCH time! Time to unleash this big project! Some people need a hand, some don't. Yell out if you do! I'm happy to help. This is the last step of the design process!

Brands: You get copies of your logo files and brand guide and anything else to download. Printed items will have been delivered/picked up. 
Websites: I will launch your website for you to coincide with your dates and ensure a seamless roll out. 


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