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What to expect in your Brand Package

If you're about to go ahead with a brand package, and you're not entirely sure what you'll get for your buck... look no further!
This is an example of a "Full Brand Package". 

Please note: If you're thinking of getting the "Basic Brand Package" or a custom package, you will receive a slightly different package.

Step 1: Logo Design Proofs

You'll get up to 4 logo designs, based on research/input from discussions.

Step 2: Logo Revision Proofs

These are revisions based on your feedback from the first round of design proofs.

Step 3: Brand Sign off = Brand Guide

Once you've confirmed which brand you'd like, I put it all together into a "Brand Guide", complete with your moodboard (included in design proof #1), the fonts used and/or alternatives, your new brand colours, and you'll also get an assortment of logo files. These will include JPG and PNG (both for on-screen or Word docs etc), PDF and EPS (for large format printing at any size).


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