Te Whanau Nut Butter 

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- Custom Illustration
- Label & print media design
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Te Whānau Nut Butter - the full range available. Locally produced in Hawkes Bay, NZ. Wholesome and natural Almond butter, cashew butter and peanut butter selections.
Te Whānau Nut Butter - brand, website and label design nz. Designed by Magic Fingers Graphics

Lisa Osborne created a nut butter range, handmade and produced in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. 

The journey began just months before Cyclone Gabrielle hit the region. Devastation hit their doorstep and they experienced a real community uprising - something that spurred on the dream to complete this project. Months of persistence and hard work later, the jars of nut butter are a reality and a vibrant addition to anyone's pantry.

The story of community

Each of the five jars have a custom illustrated label design, featuring snippets of a community in action. 

From families enjoying a picnic, friends playing sport, families at home digging in, walking the dog or an intrepid traveller dreaming of the (chocolate) gold to bring home to share... a hint of the ranges and pines that are prominent in the area also give perspective to the designs.

The ethos behind Te Whānau Nut Butter is that it is for the whole family and community to be shared and enjoyed by everyone around. 

Each flavour has it's own bold and vibrant colour, to bring joy into the pantry - happiness in a jar and a burst of fresh flavour with it.

Choc Nut peanut butter, made by Te Whanau in Hawkes Bay, NZ made. Branding design by Natalie White

The Website

Focusing on promoting the nut butter range in all it's colourful goodness, the website is a burst of vibrant colour.

Illustrated labels extend beyond the jar and onto the website pages, with buttons to more information. 
A brief overview of the story behind Te Whanau Nut Butter is included, to give a greater sense of the beginnings and why they're local for the community. 

Recipes are being added regularly to promote tasty ways to use the various flavours of nut butters too.

More than a label

Beyond the label is a potential to utilise branding in more ways than one. 

A tee designed with a front and back logo placement for wear at market days or dropping goods off - every opportunity is a brand exposure! 

Stickers - not just for the jar lids but freebies to give to kids at market days, or to finalise a posted parcel package. 

"I stood back and had a moment, where, it's hard to put into words the emotion... So many emotions- tears, doubts, fears, wanting to give up multiple times, feeling out of my depth.

I just wanted to say 'thanks'. I wouldn't be here (with a finished product) without your encouragement, your support and being that cheerleader I needed. "
Lisa, founder of Te Whanau Nut Butter.


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