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Cornerstone Developments

Web Re-Design & Branding

Cornerstone Developments is a small yet powerful property developing business based in Hamilton. They've been running for over 15 years and have Hamilton's property market humming with new builds. 

While Mike's business was humming, the website was slowing things down and in dire need of a reno. A little bit more everything: more flexibility, more updates and more responsiveness.

The Website

With property market moving at all kinds of speed, usually rather fast, information for sales needs to be updated regularly. Something that the office team could do - and it was doable with the content managed system Rocketspark is built with. The system makes admin life a lot easier for the office team, without the fear of damaging a major code block or five, in a previous system. 

Plus, with the built in responsive settings that adapt to mobile devices, there was no need for hours spent revising mobile layouts! From a designer's point of view, having just the right amount of control to fine tune mobile layouts really is a key feature. 

Bold, dark and beautiful, this website stands out in a sea of blue and red. With a hint of technical features, it shows detail without being loud. And, as a property developer, that's just what the boss ordered.

Cornerstone Developments | Logo Design | Magic Fingers Graphics

The Logo

The Logo has been around circa 2014-15, and it still works today. An original logo was created around late 1999 - early 2000, and has seen a major overhaul since then! The iconic green and black represent our kiwi nation as well as set the tone for the branding. By keeping the logo, the rest of the brand, in particular the website, can move with changing times.


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