155 Whare Awhina, Northland

The Before & After of the website

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  • Outdated layout + small text lost on full colour background
  • Gaps in icon placement
  • Hierarchy on less important sections confuse users
  • Limited SEO established
  • Difficult to use navigation + mobile acess
  • Limited bookings via site
  • No content structure 
The Before of the website project


  • Designed with users in mind + mobile friendly
  • Branded consistently throughout site
  • SEO and content development behind the visuals
  • Usable + easy navigation
  • Clear content structure & sections
  • Illustration additions add more personality & character
  • Sectional colour schemes to add clarity
  • Google Analytics tracking to better understand audience

155 is looking so good.
It makes me so happy every time I look at it!

- Project Feedback -


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