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In the family since the 70's

Back when VW Kombi's were a new thing and your hair was probably bigger than your knee-high ABBA boots! This is the very first advert for Magic Fingers! It was featured in the 'Star Weekender' in Auckland, Saturday, October 6, 1979. Look closely - NZ phone numbers back then only had 6 digits! Super stoked to be the second generation of Magic Fingers Graphics - although we're not advertising for staff!My Dad, Brian started Magic Fingers Graphics in the early 70's, and then later had a fri...

March 24, 2019

Domain name, hosting & website design explained

I get it... website stuff is confusing, especially if you've never really experienced it before! In an effort to REALLY make it simple, take a look at the illustration below! Domain Names = eg: Your address on the internet.Hosting = Kind of like a house section, which gives a place to your address. You pay this regularly like power bills or rates.Website Build/ Development = Like laying the foundation and the framing and creation of a house.Website Design/Usability = ...

August 18, 2018

A logo or a brand?

What is a brand or logo? There's a difference between a brand and a logo. Most people think they are the same thing... in a sense, yes they could be considered that. But really, a brand and a logo are quite different. A LOGO This is the design mark that totally sums up and comprises your business in one hit. Text and/or a symbol design make up a logo. Think the Nike swoosh, the Apple logo, or the old fashioned text logo for Whittakers on their chocolate blocks. A BRAND Once you have a logo, the...

October 31, 2017

The Design Process

So you've decided to hire me (or you're thinking about it!) ... here's the place to learn about the design process so that you know what to expect! This article includes logo and web design processes.What happens?You'll get a project proposal and either with or shortly after, a deposit invoice for the package you've chosen. All projects require a 50% deposit to secure your spot and commitment to the project. Paying your project deposit creates a contract between us and that you acknowledge ...

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