Wishlists - for Ash and Pipi

We're getting requests for gifts for Ash or Pippa and have put a list together of things that we either need or know (Ash/Pippa) would love.
These are suggestions with links to purchase - if possible, when you order please ask to include a gift return card in case we get a double up as I won't be able to monitor if someone has bought something!
*NO plastic or rubber/latex toys please!!

Postal address: Clint and Nat, 5743 Far North Road, RD4, Kaitaia 0484

Favourite sites for other inspiration

Ash's Wishlist

Ash loves art, drawing and anything creative... much like Mama! We've got a lot of art supplies but they are always useful! She's small for her age (2.5yrs), please check for sizing with us if buying any clothes. A voucher is usually more useful for us (she has tiny feet and certain pants don't fit well).
No more kitchen play toys, we have been swamped!

Ash's Bank account if you wanted to do a monetary gift:
Name under: N A WHITE

Pipi’s Wishlist

Another little girl! Here are some handy things for Pipi...
Clothes: 0-3mo for a hot summer, we've got babes in opposite seasons so only some clothes work. Please... no snap-dome onesies, they're too hard in the night haha!

Her Bank account if you wanted to do a monetary gift:
Name under: C G & N A WHITE


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