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Hi! I'm Natalie White, a graphic designer with over 15 years experience & based in the Far North - I'm originally from Cambridge, in the mighty Waikato. From a website, a brand, a brochure or anything in between - I love bringing people's stories out. How and what they do, where they go, who they influence. I'm here to help connect and tell those stories, through branding and a web presence online. 

Design ... it's in my blood, my DNA. My Dad, Brian Morrell started the business over 40 years ago in Auckland and he drew & designed the logo by hand, that's still in use today! (Now that's good branding, huh?) That's why he called it Magic Fingers Graphics - it was like he could create magic, drawing with his hands.

Rocketspark website design partner | Waikato, Northland NZ

Let's create something beautiful and authentic to connect your audience with your business.

Experience & Education

With years of design experience, I "officially" started as an in-house graphic designer in 2006, where I designed branding and collateral for startup companies. Previous to this, I did a lot of design work on the side of full-time study; with one of my first logos designed in 2003. I studied at the University of Waikato and in 2007, finished and gained a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (conjointly awarded with Whanganui School of Design).

Honing my skills along the way, I later worked at a small agency, Hanson Creative as the Senior Designer for just on 10 years, before stepping out on my own venture in 2016. This time working (for a really great boss) gave me insight on how to run a design business, manage staff and work on some amazing projects. 

In 2015, I spent a month volunteering in Tanzania, Africa, helping to create two libraries at two schools. An incredible and life-changing experience and one that not only changed me, but lots of children who are eager to read as much as they can. 

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NEW PROJECTS: Booking from July 2020.  Good things happen when you do good stuff. If you are interested in working with me, you can email: nat@magicfingers.co.nz 

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