Ferguson's Night Fright: A children's story book

A tale of new friendship and trust.

Ferguson's Night Fright is a children's story book with two small characters, a New Zealand fantail and a New Zealand morepork owl. Ferguson the fantail meets Millie the morepork and tells her that he is frightened of the dark. Millie shows Ferguson that it's really not that scary and teaches him about the night. It's a little tale of new friendship and trust.

Ferguson's Night Fright

The book features hand drawn characters, digitally painted watercolour. The book is 32 pages. 23cm x 23cm. Written, Illustrated & self-published by Natalie Morrell and co-written with Melissa Isaacson.

The Process of Ferguson's Night Fright

There's a fair bit of work behind a book! From sketches, pen outlines, digital painting, copywriting, promotion, drafts, more changes, and then... printed books! Then it's on to sell, promote and distribute!

The Video

To support the crowdfunding process, educate potential supporters and sell the book idea, Indiefilm helped make a video - all in an afternoon!  I still feel like a geek watching it!
Watch it here >>

Colouring in!

Click the button below to print off three colour in pages! Characters from the Ferguson's Night Fright (including Ferguson picture here!) and the book cover, sure to help fill in some boredom days or create a calming activity.

Sadly, the book was a limited print run and was rather successful! At this stage, there are no more copies available to purchase until further notice. We'd love your feedback, so feel free to email for any queries!


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