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SafetyNest makes Health, Safety and Compliance easy for New Zealand Early Childhood Education centres. 

The cloud-based software is leading the way in helping Early Childhood Centres record hazards, incidents and issues easily, quickly and in a fully compliant manner. 
The Health & Safety tools have been developed in conjunction with Auditors, and industry professionals to ensure the software meets all H&S legislative requirements – both current and planned. The brainchild of a Queenstown duo, SafetyNest is in centres across New Zealand. 

Originally launched in 2017 as CloudmyStaff, it has evolved quickly and been refined beautifully.
Going from strength to strength, and finding their niche market; the business needed a complete overhaul mid-late 2019. The brief from the CEO was simple - "New brand, new name, new target audience, new goals, please make it work!" So it was all on me to figure something out! 


SAFETY NEST | New logo & branding 2019

The Brand

A clever little line drawing combined a wise owl – to represent education – sitting in a nest up high in the clouds – representing the cloud based software aspect. With bright and fun colours in a sea of corporate blue and grey, it helps them to stand out in the software world. The colours are used carefully so as not to overwhelm, but to tie into childcare whilst still being exciting.

The Website

The website is lightweight, filled with relevant information explaining the software and includes an FAQ page. Use of graphic elements and professional promo video help bring the feel and nurturing aspect - something not usually associated with software. 

The fantastic introduction video explains everything, without having to have screeds of text. Simple use of colour and custom illustration ties the branding together with complementary typography.

Vehicle Signage SafetyNest | by Magic Fingers Graphics

Vehicle Signage & Promo Materials

Straightforward yet a little bit fun... the vehicle signage has a clever little nest to hold younger passengers in the backseat. An effective way to play on the geometric line drawing elements of the logo.

The 'Why' behind SafetyNest

Emma and Mark's two children started preschool in Queenstown as babies and turned out to be a little accident prone! After filling out accident forms on a regular basis and seeing how much time and effort was going into the paperwork, they figured there had to be a better way.  

So, the duo combined their skillsets in software development, Health & Safety and HR and, alongside other industry experts, developed SafetyNest with the aim of providing benefits to both ECEs and parents.

DLE Brochure

An information brochure was designed for use at events, trade shows, and information for centres to compliment the website as an offline item. Brand colour and custom illustrations were created to reflect the software and use, and have an eye catching brochure for event distribution.

SafetyNest | DL Brochure design


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