Alexander Organics

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Branded Illustrations
Tee Designs

Website Design & Custom Illustration

Alexander Organics was a local, organic farm in Cambridge providing fresh milk and veges to customers. The existing brand was extended with hand drawn illustrations to provide a friendly, organic feeling on a digital outcome.

Tee Designs

Two tees were made available to purchase at 'The Shop'. Hand drawn illustrations printed on black or white tees to continue the branding of Alexander Organics.

The Website

The original website was refreshed in 2017 with hand drawn illustrations to set the website apart and bring in a relaxed organic feel to typically corporate feeling competitors. 

Over time, a shop was added to reflect the physical shop on the farm where fresh milk and produce was sold. It soon grew into subscription based shopping model and they worked within their means during the covid pandemic to deliver what they could.

Working on a shoestring budget while building an organic farm to grow produce was tricky, but we made it work and the community loved it - milk was repeatedly being snapped up fast.

In 2022, the website was closed down, as the farm wrapped up and their focus shifted.


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