Thursday Things: Anna from Port Eden Design

Anna Port Eden Design

What inspired you to start your business?

I've always had an appreciation for the creative – I'm talking vibrant colours, beautiful typography, pattern, illustration are a real treat to my eyes. My happy place is with a pad and paper sketching and creative project plotting.

After I had my first daughter – I didn't return to the 9–5 graphic design job that didn't make my heart sing. I slowly took on more and more freelance design projects and continued to build on my skills and confidence. After my second daughter arrived – I was ready and keen to take my design work more seriously and to build my own design brand – that's where Port Eden Design was born.

My daughters have inspired me to take ownership, to do what I love, to work with amazing people, to work for myself and on my own terms. All while balancing (juggling) family life!

Anna Port Eden Design

Tell us what your business is/and about it!

I'm Anna Rendall, the one girl band behind Port Eden Design. I'm your graphic designer, bold pattern loving, small biz supporting, mate!

I specialise in small business brand identity design and bold pattern illustration design. I work with small businesses to create a bespoke and beautiful design package that not only looks good but aligns with the vision they have for their brand.

My aim is to connect small businesses with their audience through meaningful, cohesive and beautiful graphic design.

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started?

Invest in yourself and connect with awesome people!

Investing in myself – my development both personally and professionally – will always be a win. The more time I invest in my time and development – the more I learn and the more value I can provide.

Also, creating meaningful connections with other amazing business owners who are all on their own path but all have different perspectives and ideas to offer. I've made some wonderful friendships since starting my wee biz.

If you could change anything in your business - is there something you would go back and change?

I'd probably go and tell past-Anna to back herself – her skills, experience and knowledge!

I love working with people, I work hard for my clients and find a visual solution that is true to them and their project. I definitely would have put myself out there sooner if I could pop back and change anything.

At the end of the day, it's all learning and part of the journey, so I wouldn't change much :)

Anna Port Eden Design

How do you juggle the daily grind?

The juggle is real! Though good planning and a solid 'to-action' list is how I get it done. With a spirited just-turned-5 year old and an independent 2 year old in the house– the work-from-home lifestyle suits our family (even if a little hectic at times!)

I'm grateful to have the freedom to make my own hours and to be there to pick kids up from school at the end of their day. Also grateful to have a supportive husb and Fridays off with the littlest Rendall!

Where do you love to go to unwind?

Out of Wellington – send me to Northland to Mum's at the beach, it'll always be our second home. Locally in the Wellington region – a walk along the river, no matter the weather, it's always good to get out to clear the cluttered, creative brain.


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