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Parallax Samples

What is Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is when a background image moves slower than images or text in the foreground, which creates the illusion of depth and is a subtle but effective effect.

Note: It is a feature that works on desktop only at this time. It will create a static image on mobile devices.

But what makes it so effective?

One of the best uses of parallax is like the style above. An image, slightly darker with white text which makes it easier to read. Another way to use it, is to do a lighter image with dark text; or even blocks of colour - like the example below. 

TOP TIP: Keep things simple for your audience and remember how it would look on mobile devices! Try not to add complex bright images on top of an already bright and busy background, or colours that fight for attention with the image behind it. 

Have fun with colour

Here's an example of parallax using a background image of two tone colour.
A great on-brand option, if photos aren't your thing! 


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