Simply Magic: Branding & Website

Web Design, Branding and Stationery

Trevor Sills came to me needing a business card printed, a simple request it seemed. However after sitting down with Trevor and discussing what he needed, it was clear that his marketing wasn't really working for him, and he needed to get his name out there and get more show bookings! I came up with a plan to bring his marketing in line and bring in more business. The simple business card quickly evolved into much more.

Simply Magic: Business Cards and Flyers

Print branding + a website

I designed a neat little logo for 'Simply Magic' and built a brand that is unique to the small business. 2 sided DLE Flyers work wonders, used as promotional advertising all over the place and also used to hand out at shows. The website stands out from the crowd – and it is easy to navigate all the important information. Trevor quite often passes on comments from his clients who love the look and feel of the website and his promotional print items.

"After talking with Natalie I realised that my marketing had no direction, so I turned it all over to her. In no time at all she had created an entire brand for me, including new business cards, flyers and
a website. As a result, my bookings have gone through the roof.  Needless to say, when I wanted to buy a new vehicle, I contacted Natalie to design the graphics. Employing her as my designer is one of the best moves I’ve ever made."

– Trevor Sills.


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