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Oh Natural: Stationery Design

Web Design and Consulting, Stationery and Photography

Jenna from Oh Natural enlisted my services to help bring her brand to life, after feeling disappointed with the original 60's purple and orange design from a web crowd.

I worked with Jenna, providing web consulting and finding out more about her target market (a very high percentage of NZ women). With this in mind, and some feedback from Jenna, I proposed a branding refresh, an injection of femininity with rose and aqua colours, custom photography for hero sliders, stationery and a social media campaign.

The Outcome

We worked within the existing website structure, the new colours were added and fonts adjusted, instantly giving the site a more appealing look. Jenna received positive feedback from customers, all important to the overall store look and functionality.

For store orders, a flyer with space for a handwritten note to the customer was designed, with handy info on the reverse to review / share / use loyalty points / and social media. A business card in consistent branding was also designed.

Custom website photography

To further enhance the website, custom photographs of actual products were staged and shot, providing variations for the hero image slider and use on social media platforms. These images were styled to use blank space for text on the website, while also looking creative and inspiring to potential buyers.

Jenna stocks some fantastic products on her store, check out Oh Natural here.

Oil Range Labels

With an open creative, to which I pitched the idea of pen sketchesof the original flower/plant, with a watercolour panel in theme of the oil's flower or plant. The idea of a drawing in it's natural state
before being coloured in, enhances the 'natural' aspect of the products. Putting pen to paper, a series of labels were designed and the finished result is a stunning range of products.

Oh Natural: Label Designs for assorted 10mL oils
Oh Natural: Label Designs for assorted 10mL oils
Oh Natural: Label Designs for assorted 10mL oils

"You are amazing! Thank you soooo much for taking the time to do all this! I couldn't agree more with you on everything, and like the new colours too! Thanks so much Natalie, you did a great job!"

– Jenna Mullinger.


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