Milson's Beer Labels

I was approached to design a beer label for a surprise birthday gift for someone who has a popular home brew. What a cool idea! I left them with the hard task to choose a design from these 'oarsome' options ...

Milson's Beer Labels | Custom Home Brew designs
Beer Label Design | Milson Beer Karapiro
Beer Label Design | Milson Beer Karapiro

The Process

The design was asked to have a retro stamp feel to it, and to possibly use a duck (long running joke/ story). The brand 'Milson(s)' is a combination of their two family names, and has quite a nice ring to it, if I do say so myself. Colours were kept in tune to the beer, nice and hoppy.

The result.

The final logo was chosen as a sticker, rather than a full label wrap-around. With a great selection (9 at the moment) of flavours brewed, each had it's own label and colourway to identify. The result - a great looking beer selection!

"I blindfolded the birthday bloke and led him to the artwork (of the beer labels) I had out on display, telling him we got another piece of art. As he groaned in distaste, the blindfold was removed and the response was ecstatic! He likes all the designs and simply can't decide which one to choose yet!" - Fi.


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