Cornerstone Developments Hamilton

Web Design, Branding and Stationery

Property developer, Mike Callagher, approached me to "make my website look better" so that he could amp up his business in the property investment world in Hamilton.

The Brief

Mike needed more than just a new website design: to help make him look more professional, a new logo, business cards, property signage, vehicle branding and some specification documents were designed. 

The brief was simple: "keep it black and use green, and... make it kinda kiwi." Working with those guidelines, I designed a clever logo, that ties a NZ fern and houses together; and polished his clean branding across all the other elements. 

The branding is bold, attracts attention, is unique within its industry and fits Mike and his business down to a tee.

The website

The website itself is hefty, informative and includes property for sale and recently developed projects. The site is targeted towards their two key audiences – home buyers and investors. Check out the site here >

All in all, a very successful project and well-received from all the users and potential buyers. Mike went a step further with radio advertising to drive people to the website which boosted traffic to his site ten-fold!

Cornerstone Developments: Property For Sale Signs, Business Cards and Letterhead stationery designs
Cornerstone Developments: Vehicle Graphics signage

"Starting up a new marketing strategy to improve my business, I found myself needing a detailed website, with logo, matching brochures, advertising signs and the like.

I had no hesitation in approaching Natalie for this complex task. Natalie was very professional, and  confidently produced an exceptional website, that has exceeded all my expectations. To date the website has been very successful, and we are receiving constant comments on the ease of the using the site, and how functional and effective it is. I would recommend her to anybody after the ultimate in design solutions."   – Mike Callagher.


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