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The "ultimate cricket bat grip" is the brainchild of Rob Hart (former Black Cap cricketer) and Dave Richardson (senior and junior), all three the founders of 2mm Sports. The revolutionary grip is designed to execute the perfect cricketing grip, with contours and textured surfaces providing an effective grip surface. The grip allows the player to play the ball late, hit the ball cleanly and not have to think about their grip when in the heat of competition.

2mm Sports required branding for both their company and the two types of Grips available, Pure (for adults) and Rock (for youth). In addition to branding, stationery, advertising pieces, product photography, an informative website with online store capabilities and a sleek box packaging for the grips were all required for the launch.

2mm SPorts Website design and ecommerce store

Product Delivery

Firstly, the logo for 2mm Sports was designed, with the meaning of 'it’s the small things, the extra 2mm, that take you from great to extraordinary" sitting behind it, the logo includes a measure of 2mm along a ruler to illustrate that it refers to a unit of measure.
Secondly, during product development, branding for the individual cricket grips were required, with the supplied names of "Rock" and "Pure", we designed a brand that incorporated the idea of a cricket ball (the circle) and included the measurement device (the short stripes).

Packaging & Web

The box to package the grips in was a little complex, as it not only
needed to meet standard postage guidelines for ease of international and
national shipping, but it also needed to include a bottle of PVA glue,
the grip, and instructions and a professional upmarket finish all within
a reasonable budget! The packaging was a created with a custom die cut
box, a lush matte laminate with over glossed texture and imagery on the
box, giving it an 'Apple-like' feel

The website design followed with a focus on imagery to sell the product and educate the user quickly. Backed with instructions of use, informative graphics and testimonials from star cricket players to kids,
the website and easy to use online store covers everything.

Content used with permission from Hanson Creative

Business Cards, Packaging Design & Instructions card insert

View the 2mm Sports website at www.2mmsports.com


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