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Being your own client can actually be quite hard! However, it also brings a lot of freedom to do anything - a blank canvas and (almost) no rules. The story behind Magic Fingers Graphics starts way back in 1978 - a little bit before I was born. My dad, Brain Morrell, started the business before computers were used and smartphones weren't even on Steve Job's Apple radar. Dad drew a logo by hand, using calligraphy and a fountain pen and it formed the beginning of branding for the business. 

The first and original advert for staff in  '79 is shown, as printed in an Auckland newspaper. (Check out the old 6-digit phone number!)

Magic Fingers Graphics | Advert from 1979
Magic Fingers Graphics | Logo Design

The Brand

Fast forward to 2017: After dad retired and had slowly wound down the business to close it, the decision was made that I will start it up again and take the business over (and not close it!). 

I made the call to keep a piece of history - the logo - as it has a neat retro hand drawn feel to it. The logo was redrawn into a vector logo, meaning that it can be used across all digital and print mediums at any size.  It now makes a great conversation starter, and a case in point: that your brand should last the distance!

Vehicle Signwriting

A great way to advertise locally is getting your vehicle signwritten, it not only creates awareness but it does your advertising for you while you run your errands and go to meetings! 

Branding a vehicle shows that you're in business, and provides a reminder for people while sitting in traffic or seen parked up to visit that website later and find out more. With so many options to what can be done, there are a range of signwriting outcomes that suits anyone's budget!

Magic Fingers Graphics | Vehicle Signwriting Cambridge
Magic Fingers Graphics | Business Card Design

Business Cards

Being able to splash out to make an impression really counts. I opted for a more traditional print result on matte stock card that then is used as a 'sandwich' over thin yellow card. 

This results in a heavier, thicker card that really has a tactile effect - it feels great to hold! 

There's always a talking point when a card gets handed over... "ooh these are strong!" or "I like this kind of printing" - Another great way to talk about printing options and effects that can be achieved.

The website

Acting as a portfolio that I can share 24/7, having a website creates an easy solution of where to put all the amazing client work to show off to new clients. As it is built on the Rocketspark platform, it makes it easy to show potential clients the abilities of Rocketspark and how it can be useful to them. 

The Magic Fingers Graphics website covers 3 main areas of services available on offer, Graphic Design, Logo Design and Websites. Having distinct areas makes it easy for clients to find what they are looking for and as well as showing other types of work.

An image heavy landing page has always been favoured, as it lets the pictures speak for themselves, without cluttering with text. Useful blog articles are available; with calls to action ready to spur the customer to make contact. Throughout the site, little details have been added - hand drawn elements that pop up on pages to highlight elements or actions (check out the contact page!) and many clients have mentioned the little illustrations that make the business appear more approachable and friendly.

Magic Fingers Graphics | Website Design Partner with Rocketspark

Handy Stickers, Branded Pencils & Notebooks

With design comes printing... and more often than not, it has to be checked before going to the client. Before I give printing back to my clients, they get their products stickered - a sign that is has been checked and also to say 'Thanks!' Why? I really do value their business with me! These little stickers can be used on so many other things too, the only limit is your imagination...

I always have my pencil an notebook, so new clients will get a recycled paper notebook and a wooden pencil! Even if they don't sign up as a client, they walk away with a useful pencil with my website and services listed on it! #usefulbranding

Magic Fingers Graphics | Branding with notebooks and pencils
Magic Fingers Graphics | Branded stickers for client printing

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