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New owners of Extreme Edge in Hamilton approached me to do a bit of an overhaul on their website. The old site looked somewhat "prehistoric" in terms of content, branding and functionality - it had been built a while ago and it hadn't really seen any updates since, not to mention it didn't work on mobiles well. 

Frustrated with outdated web copy, a lack of personalised location and imagery, they needed serious help! That's where I came in with design expertise, along with a great photographer they knew, to really bring the climbing space into the online world. 

During a meeting, we established that it was more than just the website that needed updating - they decided to get a new brand designed and update their marketing materials at the same time.

Extreme Edge Hamilton | New logo & branding 2017

The Brand

A fresh approach to the branding was required, with totally new colours and less of the eighties rock band feel. My clients loved the idea of bringing in colours from nature - the blue sky and grey rock. We ended up going with a darker navy blue to help strengthen the brand, with accents of bright sky blue and shades of grey rock. With feedback saying the old logo was hard to read; we focused on using strong, well-formed letters create an easy to read name, which also provides a great contrast to the abstracted rock wall and climber hanging down.

The website

The website itself is hefty, with lots of great climbing information explaining the facilities, kids parties and classes that are offered. The old site had a clunky menu that made it confusing navigating between locations and losing content. For the new site, we made sure that wasn't going to be the issue, especially with high traffic daily. 

Fantastic photos really showcase the facility, climbers using correct techniques, showcases climbing walls and gives an overall feel for the large space. Having custom photos means a great consistent range of content, all shot in the same style which provides consistency for the look and feel of the brand. 

Built on the Rocketspark platform, the website is a customised template to suit. Large image slider immediately captures attention and visually shows potential visitors the climbing facility. Amongst a complete content overhaul and restructure, content is much easier to find online. I added a Facebook feed which gives greater exposure for social media, a Google map on the contact page helps people find their way, and even updated their freebie party invite printables! 

Extreme Edge Hamilton | DL Brochure

DLE Brochure

A new brochure was designed with a fresh lease of life, giving (potential) customers an attractive location to visit. Brand elements of the abstract rock pattern and triangle photo shapes were brought in, to break the mould of traditional layouts. Fun asymmetric shapes create content blocks, showcasing a brief overview of the fun rockclimbing activities at Extreme Edge Hamilton.

The new brochures are bold and bright, standing out with their burst of colour and catching people's attention. 

Membership Cards

Outdated membership cards for various climber activities needed a serious overhaul too! The focus was brand consistency and fresh photos to liven it up, plus create customer-friendly cards for multi-climb use – cards that they can bring back at other days. A series of 4 cards were designed:

  • 10 Session Pass - includes space to be stamped or punched on the reverse side, for users coming in at different times and days.
  • Climbing Pass - for adults or children, with space for staff to fill in the details as needed.
  • Gift Voucher - with a light blue colour to differentiate the type of card from the others.
  • Membership Card - a vertical orientation (mimicking the vertical climb), with space for staff to stamp verified climb visits.
Extreme Edge Hamilton | Membership Cards


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