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Set among the rolling green hills of Southland, Camp Columba is a place to taste adventure or catch your breath. Columba runs camps & conferences in Pukerau, Southland. 

Established over 60 years ago, Camp Columba as it is affectionately known, is committed to their community and offers a beautiful space for retreats, conferences, school holiday camps and more. Their mission is to demonstrate God's love to all who come to camp. 

Columba do this by providing a safe and beautiful space for guests to have a crack at some exciting activities, learn new skills and grow as a person - their programmes are designed to nurture and call out the best in every individual.

From a design point of view, Dave and Suz (the Camp Managers) and their office team were struggling to get things looking right on their branding and website. After many attempts of DIY-ing things, they called in some expertise! 

The Brand

They were after a new logo (right), to replace the one that had dated quickly (left). It needed to be brighter and tie in three things - family/community, the rolling hills and the Christian backbone of the camp. To make things even trickier, the design had to be signed off by a board! 

Eventually, it was narrowed down and a decision was made to go with the cross in the hills design. The new brand was launched in Feb 2020.

Camp Columba | New logo & branding 2020

The Website

The website was overhauled - with brand colours and typefaces to go with the new brand. A fun hand style font was added enhancing the youth feel, contrasted with a tidier font used for body text and smaller headings.

A lot of layout and UX changes were made too, all to make a user (a youth / parent / staff/event organiser etc) have a more enjoyable and user friendly experience. With such a varied target market 'type' of user, it was important that the website met the attention of each type of person. Information is easy to find, appropriate docs for info, H&S, camper requirements and more, are available for download and this makes files easy to update for office staff at Columba. 

Some design aspects on the site bring in the feeling of youth at camp, and that the site is not a pristine website, but a piece of valued information, saved as if torn out of a book or noticeboard; to be tucked away for later or used straight away. Torn paper effects add another dimension of layers to the website, revealing spaces for content. Parallax backgrounds are used sparingly to add depth without taking away from the other visual effects.


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