Thursday Things: Biz chats with Jess, from Set Free Aotearoa

The "Thursday Things Journal" introduces another amazing woman in business - Jess Suisted! She's a kind and caring soul with an absolute knack of making you feel right at home, where ever you are. Today, we chat about running her business Set Free Aotearoa and having a wee look back at how far she's come.

What inspired you to start your business?

My passion for helping people discover and develop their natural talents alongside my desire to be self-employed, navigate my own time and live a well-balanced life!

Tell us what your business is/and about it!

As a Strengths Coach, I equip and inspire women to use their strengths to THRIVE in their personal and professional lives. CliftonStrengths is a coaching tool I use to help individuals, partnerships and teams discover their strengths, define their core values and determine their priorities.

Who is your dream client?

Women in business! Some of my most memorable coaching moments have been coaching women who run their own businesses and exploring how their natural talents play out in the various roles they play in life. Often, they are juggling so many different balls while spinning several plates, which can get REALLY tiring. It's fun helping them to find a good balance so that they can focus their time and talents on what and who is most important to them.

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started?

The importance of having confidence in what I have to offer - if I don't believe that what I do will make a difference for someone then why would they? I've learnt to change my language so that I can confidently say 'Strengths Coaching will help you do what you do best!'

If you could change anything in your business - is there something you would go back and change?

I actually can't think of anything I'd want to change!

How do you juggle the daily grind?

What daily grind? I do what I love and at the pace that works for me and my family, so there is no daily grind. One of my passions is helping people find their way out of the daily grind!

Where do you love to go to unwind?

Nowhere! Home is my haven and my husband and I love to share it with others. We live in a beautiful part of the country in the Eastern Bay of Plenty and our surroundings continue to amaze me! It's not uncommon for me to get distracted by swooping Kereru as I sit at my desk working!

Where can we find you?

Web: www.setfreeaotearoa.co.nz
Or, you can find Set Free Aotearoa on Facebook


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