The Design Process

First things first

So you've decided to hire me (or you're thinking about it!) ... here's the place to learn about the design process so that you know what to expect! This article includes logo and web design processes.

What happens?

  1. You'll get a project proposal and either with or shortly after, a deposit invoice for the package you've chosen. All projects require a 50% deposit to secure your spot and commitment to the project. 
  2. Paying your project deposit creates a contract between us and that you acknowledge your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of working together.
  3. If you're getting a website, ensure that you have filled in your Website Questionnaire at this stage please!

Meeting & Research

Next up, if you're in proximity to the studio, we'll have a face-to-face meeting and I'll shout you a coffee. If you're out of town, we'll have a phone call to discuss your project instead.

If you've got some ideas, inspiration, competitor research - send it through in one email. I do my own research before starting your project too.

Content (Websites)
If you've got a web project in the pipeline, I'll need your content and images at the beginning of the project. This helps to shape your website tailored to the content and messaging required. Please email through your content, or I may setup a shared Dropbox folder for you to pop content in for the duration of the project.

Draft Concepts

Design Concepts (Logo/Brand only)
This is the biggest portion of your project cost - the actual design process! I'll sit down over a few days/weeks to work on concepts for your brand design and pull together the best concepts to present to you. You won't see every option I create and there is good reason for this: not to overwhelm you with lots of ideas; to keep it in a similar style that we would have come to in our meeting; and also not every idea is worth being presented at concept stage! 

What you get: You'll receive a PDF proof document that showcases some concepts, a moodboard and notes that go with the concepts. 
What you do afterwards: You take a day or two to look over the concepts, email me back with any changes in writing. If you're happy with an option - let me know! 

Web Design Draft 
All your content and images supplied will be pulled together to create a website, based on our findings from the questionnaire and meeting (or call). 

What you get: You'll get a link to a draft site, where you can see your website proof and any gaps that may need filling. 
What you do after this: Some sites will take a lot longer (e-commerce or large content based sites) and may need more input from you before we get enough completed at this stage. I'll need any feedback on what may not be working for you, or if you're happy - let me know!


Logo Design
If your logo design needs changes made or further refinement concepts, I will get back to working on these. I'll send you a second design proof PDF, which you provide feedback on again. Hopefully we have nailed it at this stage, if not we may need to have a chat to ensure that we are both on the same page. 99% of the time- you'll be happy with one of the options! 

Website Design
It's a lengthy process, but if there were any tweaks and changes needed, I'll have made those and updated you with an email. Some aspects are very fluid and this will be an on-going process until site completion. 

Let's wrap it up

Logo Design
Once we've finalised a chosen concept, I get to work on providing all the brand elements - logo files, brand guidelines and moodboards. This is an example of a Brand Guideline here. 
If you have extra elements like stationery, then I finalise those too and provide files for printing or I send to a preferred printer for you. The remainder 50% of the project cost is billed to you, prior to releasing files.

Website Design
Once we've got the content, images and all the pretty bits sorted, the last important bits here include: 

  • Google Analytics connected
  • Base SEO Keywords
  • Domain name connection
  • Three Step Go-Live process (Launch > Subscription payment [client] > Live)
  • SSL Certificate 

The remainder 50% of the project cost is billed to you, prior to your site going live. I will walk you through the Go-Live process, as you need to log in and setup the ongoing subscription payment.

A Completed Project
Once your project is completed, it’s very likely I’ll share some examples on my website portfolio and social media. Please talk to me if it is a time sensitive release, of which I can take into consideration.


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