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Business Support during COVID-19

Keep your Facebook AND your Website Updated

During this time, people will tend to check social media before emails, a habit vs comfort kind of thing! Don't leave your customers wondering what your business is doing, especially if you've closed now. If you update your Facebook remember to update your website too and vice versa.

Keep the communication open and offer ways that you can help them and vice versa.

EXAMPLE: A Tourism industry service - When you're shut and you don't have foot traffic of activities running, why not look at offering a reduced rate for an activity in May or June onwards? Or, alternatively, if you're a customer look at booking that service for later in the year! 

Find out what financial support you can get

There are some financial support practices in places, particularly now as the entire country has essentially stopped, the government has help in place if you need it.

Secondly, if things in your biz are really struggling, reach out to various people who could help you in some way. First stop: your bank! 


Keep posting to your social feeds

People are stuck at home for the next few weeks - give them inspiration to book with you later on!
Create a positive space online, showcase some fab staff, or amazing locations or products. Offer time to chat about your business product offering to potential customers. Continue to shop where you can and support the small businesses.

EXAMPLE: Wellness business – Educate your customers on the benefits of different products - if it's essential oils and their uses; or yoga and it's benefits; or even skincare products and what they do. Educate!

Diversify your biz

Now is the time to think about diversifying your business - there are all sorts of things and ways you can do something, so use this time to get thinking! Always wanted to offer something online? Well... now's your time! If you have a website with me on Rocketspark, there's capability to add a store - just get in touch!

EXAMPLE: Shop homewares online instead of in-store and get them sent to your friends! Do consults in person? Switch to Zoom / Whatsapp / FB Messenger - whatever it takes to video chat to your customer! :) 


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