Spring into Summer with a One Pager website

New to business?

If you're new to business and struggling to figure out the nuts and bolts behind making a website, or just don't have time to think about it... I'm here and ready to help! It's important to have an online presence but I totally understand when it gets put in the "too-hard" basket. I've got a Summer offer ready to help those who need to get online and look GOOD!

Having a website available to your customers helps in many ways:

  • It works for you when you don't have to
  • It's a place where your target market can find your contact information
  • It gets you on Google - where everyone goes to find out more
  • You look professional by having more than just a Facebook page

Spring into Summer Special Offer

Get your small business started with a limited time offer!
$250 for a One Pager RocketSpark website design setup.

This offer is only available until December 20th 2017.
Monthly hosting on RocketSpark is additional.

What you get:

  • A professional designed looking website on the RocketSpark platform (this gives you freedom to easily update parts of your website and add content if it changes etc!)
  • A testing site within 10 working days (all content required must be supplied)
  • Ability to "Go-Live" soon after the testing site has been approved (subject to domain name availability and no technical issues)
  • From woe to go within 2-3 weeks, only if you book in straight away!

The important bits:

All Spring into Summer One Pager Websites must be paid for in full upfront. Offer is for design setup only. Please provide majority of content and images. Timeframe of turnaround is subject to availability and booking in. All one pager websites incur a monthly hosting cost that RocketSpark will charge you each month (this is minimal, please enquire). You can upgrade your one pager into a full website later on, this will incur additional design time and is not part of this one-off offer.


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