Welcome to the Wedding of Clinton and Natalie

Welcome! Here you will find some tips and info for the wedding to help make planning your day/weekend easier.

24 FEBRUARY 2018, at 3pm
212C Newell Road, Tamahere, Hamilton

The wedding ceremony and reception will be held on private property (Nat's sister's place). Tamahere is located halfway between Hamilton and Cambridge, and is easy to find with Google Maps. Punnet Cafe is only a few hundred metres up the road.

Signs and bunting flags will be put up on the day, to help guide you to the correct property. There are a handful of other properties down a long driveway, so please drive slow along the gravel drive. There's plenty of parking on the property, you will see a sign and/or person guiding for parking, please follow this and park respectfully for others to come and go around you.

What to expect:
A relaxed outdoor marquee wedding, with yum food and a great atmosphere.

No suits, no ties - leave those behind because you'll only feel stuffy! Dress is smart casual, comfortable summer attire. Jandals are totally acceptable. If you know us, you'll know we are both pretty relaxed and laid back. We want you to be able to enjoy yourselves, mingle with our other friends and family and have a good time! :)

THINGS TO DO in Hamilton & Cambridge

GIFTING: 'Wishing Well'

While we appreciate the thought and gesture of a (physical) gift, we have lots of things between us and we are in the midst of building a home - there's not really any space to store items in the meantime or know what we need until after we move in (mid year-winter).

If you'd like to contribute something, we will have a 'wishing well/box' to pop a card in with a monetary gift or gift voucher. This can then go towards our honeymoon or household items later on when we get to move in to a new home! 
(Voucher Tip: Mitre 10 / Bunnings Freedom Furniture / Farmers / are useful) 

In the long run - your prayers of love and blessings over our marriage are more important than a present :)


Afternoon Tea and Dinner -
While we scoot off for some photos, there will be afternoon tea and drinks made available for you. We aim to provide some outdoor games if you want to play! We'll be back in time for dinner (and cake!) in the marquee - find your seat by 6pm and a buffet style dinner will be served soon after.
There will be Dairy Free and Gluten Free options available. We are providing some alcohol, but please note that we want you home safely and no accidents!

Ladies - I'm serious when it comes to suitable footwear - the wedding is in a paddock, so if you wear stilettos or pointed heels, you'll probably get stuck in the ground!


We're hiring a photographer to take amazing photos on the day.
This is a significant cost of a few thousand dollars and these
professional photos will be *probably* be better than any phone or tablet photo
taken over the shoulder of guests all looking at their phones. Don't be that guy (or girl) please!

We request that you respect our wishes and please do NOT take any photos during the ceremony.
Please do not post any photos on social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc)
or other, until we have received and posted the official wedding photos.

You are more than welcome to take photos afterwards or during the night.

Professional photos will be shown and shared to you as soon as they are made available to us after the wedding.


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